Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trying This Again

After much debate, I have decided to try this again! I have been busy the past couple of years working with our district to adopt a new math program, align our new adopted program to the Common Core standards and then create and intermingle mini units to cover the not-yet, but soon to be, phased out 2010 standards. Add to that the implementation of Common Core ELA, a classroom move, and a huge shift in my teaching practices and you will find one crazy, exhausted teacher that is loving her job more than ever.

The journey to and through the Common Core standards has brought me to my breaking point on more than one occasion, but has forced me to evaluate my practices, philosophies, and student expectations. I have found that I am capable of more than I ever realized and that my students have far more abilities than we as an education profession have ever given them credit for. Through this journey my professional practices have been turned up-side down and sideways only to be twisted and turned and tweaked again.

Through this journey I have found:
1) There are million's of primary grade blogs, but few upper grade blogs
2) There isn't one right way, and what works for one teacher doesn't always work for me, and vice versa.
3) Support of a team, friends, family, and administration is a huge help.
4) Pinterest is a blessing and a curse ;-)

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